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You dream it; We staff it. Customize your event here and your form will immediately be sent to our team of bookers for a quote and casting link.

STEP 1: Tell us about your event

First Name

Last Name

Email Address


Phone Number


Please include all recipients from your team that you would like included on the contracting document we send.

Company Name

Company Address

First Name:
Last Name:
First Name:
Last Name:
First Name:
Last Name:

Please include Information of your accountant or person that will be processing payment.

First Name

Last Name


Preferred Method of Payment
ACH, Credit Card (3% Admin Fee), or Check. ACH preferred. There is a 50% deposit required for all events.

Date(s) of Event(s) (required)

Event Start Time (required)
Time your guests arrive/event begins (i.e. 12PM).

Event End Time (required)
Time your guests depart/event ends (i.e. 12PM).

Staff Start Time
Staff should arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour before guests arrive.

Staff End Time
Staff should depart 30 minutes to 1 hour after guests depart.

*Disclaimer: There is a 4-hour min. in CA, TX, SEA and a 5-hour min. in MIA + NYC.

Event Location (required)
Please include an exact address if possible including the city and zip code.

Event Title
How should we refer to your event?

Event Description
Please provide a detailed description of your event.

Number of Staff Needed (required)

# of Female:
# of Male:

Job Description(s) (required)
Please provide a detailed job description for the requested staff.

Wardrobe (required)
Please be as detailed as possible and include head-to-toe descriptions. (I.e. Black non distressed black jeans, black long sleeve button down, black kicks (vans, Keds, converse) and a black blazer.

Need To Schedule A Fitting?
Please list preferred date and time so we can accurately check staff’s availability for both your event and fitting.

Hair, Make-up, and/or Grooming
Please let us know if you have any specific requests here or you need us to include Hair/Make-up Artists in your quote.

Event On-Site Contact and Phone Number
This is the person authorized by you, the client, to be ON-SITE and responsible for staff check-ins/outs, staff breaks, any potential issues that may arise, etc.

Meeting Location
Where staff will connect with the on-site contact.

Client to cover. Will you validate, reimburse parking, or free street parking? (N/A in NYC).

Will your event be indoor, outdoor, or both?

Number of guests attending your event?

Any social media restrictions or is a staff group picture acceptable for our @quenchlife account?
If approved, please include any hashtags or handles you would like promoted.

Will there be a small storage for Staff’s limited belongings?
Please indicate preferred location.

Will food/water be provided for the Staff?

Event Type

STEP 2: Hand Pick Your Dream Team

Once we receive answers to the above questions, you will be receiving a live CASTING LINK of available + event specific staff so you can HAND PICK YOUR DREAM TEAM. This link will be complete with model look books, resume blurbs as well as sizes. At Quench we believe you and/or your client should have a hands-on experience with high-end staffing and creating this software was our way o guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Don't forget to book ENTERTAINMENT or a BEAUTY SQUAD for you event. Quench offers a full dance team, performers, DJs, hair/make-up artists, nail technicians, etc. You dream it; we staff it.


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