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STEP 1: Tell us about your event

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*Disclaimer: There is a 4-hour min. in CA, TX, SEA and a 5-hour min. in MIA + NYC.

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*Please note: Quench has stylists available to find you the perfect, budget-friendly matching wardrobe.

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STEP 2: Hand Pick Your Dream Team

Once we receive answers to the above questions, you will be receiving a live CASTING LINK of available + event specific staff so you can HAND PICK YOUR DREAM TEAM. This link will be complete with model look books as well as sizes. At Quench we believe you and/or your client should have a hands-on experience with high-end staffing and creating this software was our way o guaranteeing your satisfaction.

In addition to casting, you will also have available to you an administrative back end system to facilitate your on-going staffing needs. These features include an automated system where you can create your events, request your favorite talent, set-up your casting, and finally track your history of events.

For an additional fee, rent our wardrobe and take advantage of our styling services.

Don't forget to book ENTERTAINMENT or a BEAUTY SQUAD for you event. Quench offers a full dance team, performers, DJs, hair/make-up artists, nail technicians, etc. You dream it; we staff it.


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