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Rants and Yogananda

August 23rd, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 1 comment

Life. Is. Busy. We have been going, going, GOING over here at Quench Staffing. What to report first? We are very excited to announce the opening of our Quench offices in SEATTLE – The birthplace of Starbucks, Jimi Hendrix, and home of the Space Needle. We love expanding with our clients. As their event roster grows into new territory, we are proud to meet their growing demands. We have begun casting new talent and are very impressed with Seattle’s pool of eager, hard-working applicants. Come at us Seattle-ites! You can apply here:

Additionally, we have shifted Breana into a new role of Social Media manager. She’s a lifestyle blogger (check her out at and we feel so lucky to have her expertise guiding our online story-telling. We also welcome – cue intro music – the amazing Caitlin to our administrative team – as our new booker. Caitlin, originally from New York City, has a versatile background in casting for major studio and network projects, film production and development, property management and 5+ years of event and hospitality experience. Her talents were recognized as she quickly rose from Quench Brand Ambassador to Quench Captain. Our clients rave about Caitlin and her co-workers love working with her. She instinctively and effortlessly embodies the Quench brand and philosophy. We are THRILLED to have her join the Quench family.

After much research – done primarily during nap time – we are thrilled to have found a customizable on-boarding software expediting our process for hiring new talent. We have over 400 employees (and growing!) so implementing new systems of any sort is no small feat. We must continue to scale processes with our expanding business by staying technologically cutting-edge as well as continually HR compliant. Clients: Look out for some seriously stellar new hires, coming at you heavily vetted, fully trained, and ready to join the current Quench team you know and love. And new hires hopefuls: look out for a seriously streamlined and thorough application and training process.

There’s a lot more in the works but I will have to leave you all wanting, as several upcoming projects are TOP SECRET – and we’ve got the NDAs to prove it! A huge thank you to my incredible bookers for their long hours and hard work. You guys are truly amazing and I am both inspired as well as grateful.

FINAL RANT – Here’s what’s OUT: making promises that you can’t keep. Like holding myself to the invisible precedent that I must produce a monthly blog. Why? I’m not a blogger. I am a Staffing Agency CEO. Here’s what’s IN: being HONEST with yourself (and then with others). Like being the best CEO mom I can be… and writing to you all when I can. It gives me joy to share my updates, my strategies, and my struggles, in hopes of inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to be REAL about what it takes to have a successful business.

So until the next time I can come up for air, remember that it is about setting obtainable, prioritized goals. We must remain laser focused on them so we can cross them off our to-do list freeing our minds to just enjoy. And not be busy for once. The documentary Awake: The Life of Yogananda – which I watched last week and now I can’t/won’t shut up about it – preaches, “If you keep running after too many hobbies, you won’t have anytime left for bliss.” And bliss is a really good thing.

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Spring Whirlwind

April 28th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 3 comments

It’s been a fabulous WHIRLWIND of a month. After an event packed SXSW in March and adjusting to life with a newborn, the Quench bookers and I geared up for one of my favorite months of the year.

Spring has officially sprung in Los Angeles as evident by the blooming purple flowers on the Jacaranda trees and idyllic weather – It’s the season for music festivals, premieres, and sexy soirées. Also rosé, which I need no excuse to enjoy all year long, is now accepted by all as a beverage of choice… LIFE IS GOOD.

From Coachella to the launch of 2 new on-going promotions with Fandango and Stub Hub, the Quench team has been #BUSY. A 300 event liquor promotion inspired Quench to purchase a larger storage unit to house all the product needed as well as BRAND NEW WARDROBE available for our clients to rent – Quench now offers three LBD (little black dress) options to give our events that extra flair of style and sophistication. We promoted the amazing Breana Taylor to Casting Manager on our adminstrative team. Her expertise lies in providing technical recruiting methods and HR streamlining strategies honed from her experience with companies such as Facebook, Twitter and several other prominent start-ups. A consistent and heavily requested client favorite, she instantly made her role at Quench instrumental to the development of our Northern California branch. Breana brings nearly 8 years of recruiting and staffing experience to the table and we are grateful to have her on board!

We also welcomed 10 new faces to the Quench talent team that are truly exceptional – BOOK THEM NOW.

I started the company 8 years ago and it has been incredible watching the evolution of Quench Staffing – I couldn’t have imagined then that I would find and collaborate with such a team as Krista, Nellie, Amanda and Breana who treat Quench like their own. Our team of staffing talent continues to inspire us with their energy and work ethic. They say, “April showers bring May flowers” and after a showering of April events we find ourselves on May first with a month-long busy event calendar. This new mama feels proud and grateful to have Quench in full bloom.

Wishing you and yours every excuse to celebrate!

Kelsey + Quench

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