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March 2017

March 2017: The Myth of the Maternity Leave for the small business owner

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CEO Kelsey Crane featured in Well Rounded NY

So you’ve done it. And the process was awe-inspiring, enlightening, stressful, painful at times, and definitely took a toll on your body. Only it didn’t take 9 months; It took years. That’s right – I am talking about starting and growing your own business. And if your process has been anything like mine, your business is your baby… your completely consuming, non-human baby baby. Now comes your next adventure: you are pregnant. FOR REALS this time.

And unlike you corporate 9-5’ers, the concept of the maternity leave remains a myth for the small business owner. The Field of Dreams mentality does NOT apply here: If you build it, no one is coming but YOU, girl. As an entrepreneur and now mother, the good news is your innovation, juggle skills, and ability to stomach even the most nauseating of circumstances is going to come in really handy here.

So my fellow entrepreneurs the question in short is, how can we DO IT ALL? Be the mothers we always dreamed we would be and keep our businesses not just afloat, but thriving.

Here are my musings on The Myth of the Maternity Leave for the small business owner…

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