We are thrilled to ensure you with the highest quality on staff in the following 10 states:


Here's a SAMPLING of our employee staff from our 400+ person team.

Matthew L
Michael B
Miguel I
Natasha W
Nick T
Nicole C
Celeste S
Abigail S
John M
Cassie H
Michael R
Sam R
Amber R
Chad R
Andrew D
Tim D
Eki B
Jessie R
Dexter M
Terra S
Sarah K
Christina S
Alex G
Mercedes Y
Jasmine H
Nikki G
Apsarana H
Ashley W
Holland S
Sarah K
Joy W
Annelise B
Courtney P
Sophie A
Sarah F
Katherine W
Nida K
Merissa U
Benjamin W
Ragen R
Anya O
Tiffany D
Kori A
Camille M
Sonia S
Sophia H
Andrea E
Dula M
Brandi A
Helena D
Jaisyn K
Kali C
Alain L
Lexi J
Morgan D
Brittany M
Maisie B
Julana D
Sarah B
Peyton L
Jazzerine N
Carly S
Tova P
Mia M
Karen S
Hannah F
Polina F
Demetrius H
Katerina R
Greg L
Winston M
Jacob P
Huey S
Rachel F
Vance S
Carlos L
Maddison D
Jana P
Ellis O
Kelly D
Tessa H
Aaron C
Abbie K
Ajdin S
Allie M
Andrea S
Miguel I
Paul R
Clayton F
Chris C
Ben H
Logan Y
Nic P
James W
Jake H
Sebastian Q
Skye S
Ryan M
Matthew M
Tyler S
Logan S
Christopher P
Evan V
Basit S
Bryan D
Kenan S
Preston Y


At Quench Staffing, we believe in a culture of positivity and strong, kind leadership from the top-down. When given the choice to work between companies, the Quench staff jump on the chance to work our events not only because of the quality of our clients’ projects – which are truly exceptional – but also because of the atmosphere of hard-work and respect between every Quench team member.

But don’t take it just from us, hear directly from our team!