Kelsey, a graduate of USC, is a passionate entrepreneur. CEO of Quench Staffing (established 2009), she manages large sales teams in multiple cities collaborating with prestigious event planners/designers and working with the world’s biggest brands.

With 13+ years of experience in the hospitality/service industry and 10+ years in events, her resumes scope all staffing and management positions – She knows this business inside and out. Her talent for staffing lies in recruitment, tailor made casting for clients, development of high end training initiatives, attention to HR matters and most importantly, leadership in large team management all the while cultivating a culture of positivity.

Her passion for technology gives Quench a competitive edge allowing our clients to hand pick their perfect teams with our exclusive casting software as well as advancing communication amongst the team for reliable, consistent service. Her focus is communicating the marketing initiatives of her clients, executing detailed orientated product strategies, and as CEO, developing her rapidly expanding business.


Krista serves as Quench Staffing’s General Manager and Head Events Booking Manager. She joined the Quench management team in 2012 after 2 years of working as an onsite event manager/captain for the company. With 12+ years of hospitality and event industry experience, she is the ideal leader to service clients, their demands and manage large scale teams.

Her experience and pursuit of excellence in customer service has contributed to the growth of her responsibilities within Quench – not only does she supervise a team of over 300 + employees, she trains and grooms new members of our administrative team. Krista masterfully takes customers’ needs and turns them into glittering realities by expertly casting staffing teams qualified to surpass client expectations. Her dedication cultivates a committed and trusted relationship that keeps clients coming back year after year.

As Kelsey’s right hand woman, she has been instrumental in the growth of Quench and it’s rapidly expanding roster of events. Krista’s breadth of experience spans collaborations with brands such as Nike, Samsung, Levi’s, AIR BNB, and Rolling Stone as well as managing high end events such as the Golden Globes, Oscars, Grammy’s and MTV awards We are proud of have a woman of her passion, dedication, and experience leading our team.




Nellie, a stellar member of the Quench booking team since 2014, began with the company in 2012 working almost every staffing position we offer – Her experience as a onsite captain/event manager, brand ambassador, promotional model, tray passer, and VIP server gives her an invaluablely unique perspective as a booker (especially in terms of HR) – She know exactly what our clients need and how to manage our staff to deliver the best possible results.

Located in Texas, Nellie has been instrumental in the opening of the Texas office and development of our stellar team. Her devotion to excellence, attention to detail, kind heart, years of experience, and hands on relationships to some of our biggest clients make her the perfect booker and we are proud to have her on our team.




Amanda began her Quench journey in 2014. Due to her impeccable reputation with our clients and earned respect from her fellow Quench team mates, she quickly rose from brand ambassador to on site captain/manager. The progression to staffing booker seemed only natural as in addition to her deepened relationships with the team and clientele, she has over 10 years experience in talent management.

Amanda worked for a reputable talent agency and her industry experience has provided her a highly attuned skill set. She’s intimately familiar with the casting process – confidently matching personalities to brands, organizing schedules, and preparing talent to meet and exceed client expectations. Her natural affinity as a leader and strong people skills assist in Amanda consistently executing successful staffing activations. She’s a joy to collaborate with and Quench is thrilled to have her apart of our team.




A Southern California native, Brian excels in event management with a concentration in the experiential marketing industry. With over 5 year experience including a worldwide tour as a field manager for highly respected brands and staffing special events from coast to coast, Brian began working with Quench Staffing in 2014. He began as a brand ambassador before quickly being promoted to Staff Captain and then eventually Event Manager for Quench’s largest, most complex events. After years as a consistent favorite amongst both client and staff, Brian’s promotion to Quench booker seemed only natural. He is thrilled to join the booking team – and the feeling is mutual!

Brian’s natural leadership skills, positive attitude, and ability to adapt and adjust on the fly are just a few of the qualities qualifying him as an exceptional booker. Utilizing his affinity for technology, he carved out a niche for himself as an event manager for large tech events such as E3, Comic Con, and VidCon. Brian is incredibly passionate about storytelling and believes that, at its core, every event is doing just that, seeking to breathe life into a compelling and exciting story. Brian utilizes this passion along with his creative and organizational skills in order to engage with and fully realize each client’s unique vision.




Caitlin, a graduate of Boston College, hails from New York City. With a versatile background in casting for major studio and network projects, film production and development, property management, and 5+ years of event and hospitality experience, she brings a unique skill set to the table.

Her talents were quickly recognized. Rising from Brand Ambassador to Captain, she has grown to become the latest new addition of our Quench administrative team. She is proud to warmly welcome, represent, and share the Quench brand and philosophy to all newly recruited talent. It brings her joy to cultivate an environment of positivity and to constantly meet new people.

Her years of administrative experience, attention to detail, quick adaptability, intuitive nature, and honed eye make her a wonderful asset.




Katie, a model represented by Wilhelmina, has had the opportunity to work with clients such as Target, Forever 21, and Torrid. Katie worked in Los Angeles for several years and then went on to graduate from Northern Arizona University with a focus in public health.

Her unique experiences, which include sports injury management, teaching yoga, behavioral health administration, and behavioral health case management have shaped her into a client-focused and effective communicator.

Katie’s passion about the industry has now taken her full circle from working as the talent, serving as a mentor to other aspiring models, to now staffing the talent that has the privilege of representing Quench.




Breana, a proud Cal State Long Beach Alumni, is one of the newest members of our Quench administrative team. Her expertise lies in providing technical recruiting methods and HR streamlining strategies honed from her experience with companies such as Facebook, Twitter and several other prominent start-ups. From the moment she joined in the team in 2014, this tenacious Northern Californian was obvious captain material for our San Francisco events.

She leads by example creating an environment of positivity where co-workers naturally and joyfully match her ability to surpass expectation. A consistent and heavily requested client favorite, she instantly made her role at Quench instrumental to the development of our Northern California branch.

Breana brings nearly 8 years of recruiting and staffing experience to the table and we are grateful to have her on board!